Gruppo Mastrotto supports the Arzignano Hospital

An essential device for treating critical patients, that can also be installed on ambulances operating within the territory.

Gruppo Mastrotto actively carries on supporting its homeland with tangible initiatives aimed at local organisations. This year, we have decided to support the Arzignano Hospital by donating to the facility a latest-generation defibrillator, an essential device for treating critical patients within the hospital, as well as on the ambulance. Manageability and versatility make the new device unrivalled, specifically in the case of a heart attack and for monitoring patients that need immediate medical attention. Our Gruppo has also decided to ask all of our suppliers to contribute to the initiative by donating, instead of sending Christmas gifts, as they would normally do.

This new device will help ER medical equipes to guarantee the best medical attention in case of heart and lung emergency, or when patients need to be monitored constantly. Furthermore, this machine is characterised by its cutting-edge versatility, which makes it a “multi-parameter” and “multi-functional” device, equipped with the most sophisticated technology, a more user friendly interface, and its portability well beyond the hospital facility, but also on mobile emergency units. Indeed, other than continuously recording vital signs, the device delivers a rapid electric shock in case of heart attack, restoring heart functions, making it a real lifesaver.

This is one of the many initiatives promoted by our Gruppo: we would also like to call to mind the isolation chamber for the Children Oncohematological Department built at Vicenza San Bortolo Hospital, in collaboration with “Vicenza for Children”, which aims at guaranteeing adequate healthcare for children cancer patients; the Centro Ricreativo for anziani A. Mastrotto in Arzignano, that has more than a thousand members who can benefit from the 500 m2 facility; the donation of a Mammotome Revolve to A.N.D.O.S Onlus (a Non Profit Organisation for women who underwent breast surgery); the support to the Department of Urology at the Arzignano Hospital, through the purchase of the necessary tools for non-invasive cancer laparoscopy surgery; the support to San Bortolo Foundation and the Hospital in Vicenza by purchasing safety measures for medical staff and the necessary devices to take care of COVID-19 patients; and a new and advanced software at the Neurology Department of the Arzignano Hospital that is able to detect stroke symptoms in just two minutes.