BELTS COLORS: The new collection dedicated to belts, straps and smart leather goods.

Gruppo Mastrotto presents a new leather collection aimed at the world of belts and smart leather goods available for immediate delivery today: BELTS COLORS.

A complete range consisting of 5 types of leather: suede, nubuck, smooth and grained, with a glossy or matte look.  Available in 21 colors, ideal for creating unique and innovative collections of accessories in a smart or sporty style for classic or elegant tastes.

Belts Colors offers an assortment of leathers that are high-performance in terms of technical standards, very easy to cut and which maximize the performance of each type of leather which is specially selected for the production of belts, straps and smart leather goods including key rings, wallets, purses, credit-card holders, covers for tablets and smartphones, bracelets, classic watch straps and smartwatches.

The new Belts Colors collection is available immediately, with no minimum quantities and extends the range of leathers in prompt delivery by Gruppo Mastrotto Express service which offers more than 30 collections of leathers available in stock in more than 1,300 colors. This is the “Just in Time” service from Gruppo Mastrotto which is synonymous with efficiency and quality, offering the possibility of ordering leathers from anywhere in the world, even in small quantities, quickly and easily, with order fulfillment in just 48 hours.