Key Features


With a range of more than 1.300 colors, Gruppo Mastrotto’s wide assortment is able to satisfy every need.


Flexibility is everything. By choosing Gruppo Mastrotto’s Express service is possible to order only what is needed, even 1 single hide.


To meet an increasingly dynamic demand, Gruppo Mastrotto is able to process every order within 48 hours.


The quality of the leather by Gruppo Mastrotto Express, is available in short times, all around the world.


Over 20 collections, always available in stock, designed to meet every request, and for any application: upholstery, footwear, leather goods, garment, automotive, nautical and aviation industries.


Choosing is easy, flexible and fast. By viewing directly online the whole range, is possible to pick and order any leather, in all the desired colors.


About Us is the web portal of Gruppo Mastrotto for the online sale of leather in prompt delivery, through the service Gruppo Mastrotto Express. With more than 1.300 colors available in stock, Gruppo Mastrotto Express is targeted at manufacturers and designers that need a wide assortment of hides and colors, immediately available and in small quantities.
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Gruppo Mastrotto Express
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Buying Guide 1

The following Buying Guide will explain to you the different steps of the Gruppo Mastrotto Express online experience. We suggest you to read it carefully together with the General Sales Conditions, that will explain to you all the terms and conditions that shall apply to the sale of leather on

We remind you that is addressed only to corporations, corporate persons or corporate entities, having a VAT number and whose registered office is in United Kingdom (to the exclusion of Isle of Mann and Channel Islands).


Choosing the right leather is very simple. From this page choose the final application, then browse among the different collections and colours.
Once you choose a specific colour you could input the requested quantity in square meters. Have a look at the following chart, which specifies for each collection the minimum quantity.

ADRIACOLORS 5 m2 / 2pcs 2,5 m2
JOYCOLORS 2 m2 / 1pc 2 m2
NAPPACOLORS 2 m2 / 1pc 2 m2
ORLANDOCOLORS 1,5 m2 / 1pc 1,5 m2
RIVACOLORS 1,5 m2 / 1pc 1,5 m2
SETACOLORS 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
VESUVIOCOLORS 1,5 m2 / 1pc 1,5 m2
ATLANTIC 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
CLASSIC 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
LINEA 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
OCEAN 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
OTIS 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
PRESCOTT 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
ROMA 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
SEQUOIA 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
TUSCANIA 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
VOGUE 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
ZENITH 4 m2 / 1pc 4 m2
ESTORIL 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
MONTECARLO 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2
LE MANS 5 m2 / 1pc 5 m2

Once you select your Collection > Colours > Quantity, just add it to the Shopping Cart by clicking on the + button.

Leather is a natural product: the variability in the size of each hide is the proof of its authenticity. For this reason, we have to check and prepare every request received, so that the quantity of your order matches as much as possible the one you have requested. In this way, you will pay only what you will receive.

For example, as a consequence of the variability of the size of the hides available in nature, if you send a request for NappaColors > SantaClaus > 6 m2, our proposal and reservation could consist of 3 hides, whose total quantity could be 6.52 m2 instead of 6 m2.


  • Before proceeding with your request, you have to register your identification data; at the end of the registration you will get an account referred only to you. By means of your username and password you could access to the purchase of leather on
  • Once logged-in, you can review the shopping cart. We strongly advise you to make the changes you need in this phase, because when you send the request, it will not be possible anymore to make any changes.
  • If you are ready to proceed with your request, you can specify the final destination of the hides, which can be also outside the United Kingdom, and view an estimate of the shipping costs. It is understood that the estimated costs of transportation could vary and increase in case of delivery in countries different from the United Kingdom, and that additional taxes or duties are not included in the following estimates (referred only to the United Kingdom):
  • Please note that the estimated terms of delivery are not binding and refer to the average lead times of the express courier. You should also take into consideration that shipping costs are based on the actual weight of the reserved leathers. We are not accountable for further costs such as duties, local VAT, taxes or other delivery charges.
Range from - to
PRICE for delivery in United Kingdom
0 kg – 5 kg € 15,00
6 kg – 10 kg € 25,00
11 kg – 15 kg € 31,00
16 kg – 20 kg € 40,00
21 kg – 40 kg € 55,00
41 kg – 50 kg € 65,00
51 kg – 70 kg € 85,00
71 kg – 100 kg € 120,00
101 kg – 125 kg € 150,00
126 kg – 150 kg € 175,00
151 kg – 200 kg € 230,00


    As soon as we receive your request, we will reserve the hides and notify you the proposal by email. By accessing your personal account you will find our proposal containing the final data of your request, such as the exact number and quantity of your hides, their final price and the shipping costs.


From the moment our proposal is available in your account, you will have 5 working days to access to your personal account, to accept the Sale Terms and Conditions, to send us your final order, and to pay the total amount of the order 2; otherwise your request will be automatically cancelled.

When you pay by credit card, you will be automatically redirected to the payment system of the Bank. In this way the privacy of your payment data will be guaranteed.


  • Your final order shall be confirmed only after the receipt of the payment of the total amount, by means of credit card. As soon as we receive the payment we will send you an email confirming the order and the payment, as well. The order placed by you shall not constitute a binding contract until we receive the payment in full and you receive the email by us confirming the order.
  • If we receive your payment within noon we will be able to dispatch your order on the same day. Otherwise we will send it on the first following working day.
  • As soon as we deliver the hides to the express courier, you will receive an email confirming the shipment. The invoice in PDF format will be from now on available in your personal account, and a papery copy will also be sent to the final destination together with the hides.


    General sales conditions ( 1) Definitions: “Seller” means Gruppo Mastrotto Spa, whose registered office is in Quarta Strada,7 – 36071 Arzignano (VI) – Italy; “Purchaser” means any corporate person or entity, having a VAT number and whose registered office is in United Kingdom (to the exclusion of Isle of Mann and Channel Islands), with whom Gruppo Mastrotto Spa has entered into a sale and purchase agreement by means of, to the exclusion of natural person and consumer; “Agreement” means any sale and purchase agreement entered into between the Seller and the Purchaser by means of 2) In the registration procedure for having access to the online system and, the Purchaser undertakes to enter only identification data and business address belonging to it, which must be true, correct and complete, and to use for the payment a credit card belonging to itself. It is forbidden to enter false data, invented and/or whimsical names and to use data belonging to third parties in the registration procedure and in the performance of the Agreement. The Purchaser is liable for the use of data false, incorrect and incomplete or belonging to third parties. 3) The Purchaser must verify the price of the leathers displayed and indicated on the website “” and in the proposal; the prices are deemed as net and do not include taxes, duty, fees, cost of transportation and any other delivery charge. Cost of transportation is highlighted on the website in case of delivery in United Kingdom and could vary and increase in case of deliveries in countries different from United Kingdom. In any case the Purchaser must check the final price in the proposal and the cost of transportation (to the exclusion of local tax, duties, etc.) before sending the order and pay the total price. 4) The Purchaser could pay the leathers only in Euros and by means of credit card. 5) The order of the Purchaser will not constitute a binding Agreement until the Seller receives the payment of the total price, provided that the Purchaser has already registered in the website and has sent the order by accepting also the privacy, the Buying Guide and these General Sales Conditions by means of double “point and click”. 6) The Purchaser must keep a papery copy of the Agreement, the Buying Guide and the General Sales Conditions, which are deemed as known and accepted by it. 7) The Seller does not give any warranty for defects and in no case shall the Seller be liable for damages which the Purchaser may suffer arising from or caused by defects of the leathers, to the exclusion of fraud or gross negligence. Any possible liability of the Seller in relation to the leathers may not in any event exceed the price paid by the Purchaser. 8) The Purchaser accepts that “ready in 48 hours” means that the Seller will dispatch the leathers within two working days from the receipt of the Purchaser’s payment of the price. 9) The Purchaser acknowledges that the delivery term could vary and increase in case that the destination is not United Kingdom and in any case the Purchaser undertakes to tolerate the delay of delivery if the delay does not exceed 15 working days from the date of dispatch and waives to ask the compensation of damages for the delay that does not exceed the days of grace of 15 working days 10) In the event of any inconsistency between these General Sales Conditions and the Buying Guide, these General Sales Conditions shall prevail. In the event of any inconsistency between these General Sales Conditions and the general sales conditions set forth at the bottom of the invoice, these General Sales Conditions shall prevail, while the general sales conditions nn.1, 2 and 3 referred to in the invoice shall not be applied. 11) This Agreement shall be exclusively governed according to Italian law, with the exclusion of the Convention of Vienna of 1980; any disputes arising in relation to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive Italian jurisdiction of the Court of Vicenza, to the exclusion of any other jurisdiction. 12) The Seller reserves the right to amend and update these General Sales Conditions and the Buying Guide at any time without prior notice to the Purchaser; the version of the Buying Guide and the General Sales Conditions that will apply to the Purchaser’s order will be those one displayed on the website at the time the Purchaser places an order.




Reservations shall last for 5 working days from the moment we send you our proposal. If we do not receive your order and payment within 5 working days, your request will be cancelled and you would have to enter a new one.


We accept payment only in Euro and by credit card, therefore we must receive payment in full prior to shipping.


Yes, transportation costs are at the buyer’s expense. In the Buying Guide you can find the exact costs of shipping in the United Kingdom, for each range of weight. Please remember that in case of shipment in countries different from the United Kingdom, the estimated costs could vary and increase and that additional taxes or duties are not included.


For each hide there are multiple quality controls during manufacturing. Leather is a natural product, with essential natural characteristics that are proof of its authenticity, and render it unique. Slightly variations in colouring and small natural signs, such as small scars, wrinkles, blind grain, small holes, may be found in some cases. Should you need further information, please contact us at


For any info about the products or the website, please contact us via email at

Help desk: Mon – Fri | from 8.30am to 12.30pm | from 2pm to 6pm - CET

1 Please take into account the following definitions in this Buying Guide:

If you disagree with all or part of this Buying Guide or the General Sales Conditions, do not continue the visit of the this website and the purchase by means of By accessing this website you unconditionally consent to the Buying Guide, the General Sales Conditions, the Privacy and the application of Italian law.

2 A successful order can be sent only if you accept the terms and conditions set forth in this Buying Guide and in the General Sales Conditions, by pointing & clicking all of them twice.