The ISO 14064-1 certification obtained from DNV confirms Gruppo Mastrotto’s path of environmental responsibility

Our Group’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility has been confirmed once again thanks to the attainment of ISO 14064-1 certification based on the company’s carbon footprint.

This certification, issued by the high-profile, independent certifying body DNV, represents yet another testimony of our company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, highlighting our dedication to transparency and the optimisation of energy processes and to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities.

The analysis, which covered all eleven production sites of our Group in Italy, began with the drafting of operating procedures to guarantee the correct collection and processing of company and non-company data. It looked not only at direct and indirect emissions, strictly related to our own production areas, but also at indirect emissions related to the network of subjects outside our company with which we interact.

The aspects investigated included the movements of workers, the network of suppliers of materials – mainly chemicals and leather – and services such as transport, energy and water purification.

Conducted using specific software and benefiting from access to international databases, the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions will make it possible for us to identify the company’s areas for improvement in terms of energy and emissions, providing the basis on which we’ll develop an articulate and progressive plan that will also involve those upstream in the supply chain.

With ISO 14064-1 certification, our Group takes a new and important step on its path towards sustainability, giving all stakeholders – from customers to suppliers – a clear view of our tangible commitments.