Team up to keep a commitment

The first month of this unprecedented global crisis has not yet passed and, even so, some companies have already decided, intentionally, not to pay their suppliers.

In such a delicate situation that affects each one of us, we believe that this kind of attitude is at the opposite of the civic sense and clashes with the entrepreneurial spirit and cultural unity.

Any delay in payments, even small ones, is just another shove to an economic and social system which is already on the verge of the abyss.
On the other hand, we are convinced that now more than ever, the business world should work together as a team, not only for economic reasons but also, and above all, for ethical ones.

This is why Gruppo Mastrotto has committed to meeting all payment deadlines with its suppliers, no matter what.We firmly believe in our entrepreneurial vision, based on the values of dedication and courage that our founders Bruno and Santo have passed on to us. This is a way for us to contribute to the relaunch of our economy, providing a solid base to those who have been working with us with commitment.

We hope that most of the entrepreneurs in our country will choose to adopt a similar approach.
Only if all of us stand together, will we be able to start again, with passion and devotion.

We can show the world how Italian companies can cope with difficult times, resorting to our inventiveness, creativity, sense of self-sacrifice and dedication that have made the Italian production and style famous in the world.