Gruppo Mastrotto supports Vicenza for Children by donating an advanced machine for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment

We have chosen the Christmas holidays to launch our new project: the donation of an advanced machine for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment to the pediatric surgery unit of the San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza.

Our Group’s commitment to social responsibility continues through active and tangible support to local entities. This year, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, we have launched a new solidarity project with Vicenza for Children, supporting the purchase of an advanced machine for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment.

The machine will be donated to the pediatric surgery unit of San Bortolo Hospital, Vicenza, and will help specialists perform non-invasive diagnoses. To fund the initiative, we have invited our suppliers to make a donation in place of the traditional Christmas gifts.

Vicenza for Children A.P.S. is a nonprofit organization born thanks to many volunteers who provide their enthusiastic effort and time in favor of ill children and their families. The organization works within the San Bortolo Hospital and provides financial support to struggling families, contributing to the purchase of pharmaceuticals and medical electronic devices.

Supporting the local entities and, in particular, granting access to healthcare, has always been one of our Group’s main goals. Our company had previously supported Vicenza for Children by erecting an isolation room in the Pediatric Oncology-Hematology Unit of the Vicenza hospital to grant care to childhood cancer patients.

Among our other initiatives in the social/healthcare context, we may also mention the donations to the Arzignano Hospital: a state-of-the-art monitor-defibrillator for first aid emergencies; a device to perform minimally invasive laparoscopic cancer surgery; and a cutting-edge machine to record symptoms of a stroke in only 2 minutes. We have also established the Centro Ricreativo per Anziani A. Mastrotto senior recreation center in Arzignano – a 500 m2-plus (5382 ft2) space currently boasting over 1000 members. Our company have donated an advanced device for mammary gland biopsy to the A.N.D.O.S (national organization of women’s breast cancer surgical patients) nonprofit organization and a wheelchair-accessible van to the S.O.G.IT. (first aid service of the Order of Saint John in Italy) nonprofit organization. Finally, we have donated 100 thousand euros to Fondazione San Bortolo, helping the Vicenza Hospital purchase PPE and equipment for hospital staff and COVID-19 patients.