Gruppo Mastrotto received the Welfarevolution award in the “People Caring & Diversity” category for its corporate welfare plan and its inclusion project in the employment and social areas

The winning initiatives represent the outcome of the strategy named “People, Next Level”, started by Gruppo Mastrotto, a European leader in the tanning sector, aimed at prioritising the human capital of the company

Gruppo Mastrotto People, next level

Arzignano (province of Vicenza), 31 May 2019


“Implementing an inclusive welfare plan, that is sustainable over time, helps to promote diversity and to create shared values, while supporting the varied needs of the corporate population in a tangible and targeted way”. This was the motivation that on Thursday, 30 May led the jury of Welfarevolution – the prize promoted by Edenred dedicated to the most innovative Corporate Welfare projects – to give the award in the “People Caring & Diversity” category to Gruppo Mastrotto, the leading tanning group in Europe. The award was presented during an event organised at the Triennale museum in Milan with the aim to reward the projects designed and implemented by our company towards corporate welfare, as well as those that promote inclusion in the employment and social areas. The award emphasised the special regard that Gruppo Mastrotto has always shown towards its workers and their well-being. It is worth mentioning some of the award-winning Italian companies that have distinguished themselves for their corporate welfare projects and for their contributions in the field of work-life balance such as Tim, Heineken Italia, EY, Brawo and Bofrost.

A lot has been said about corporate welfare, that is, the initiatives aimed at increasing the well-being of workers and their families through the supply of goods and/or services, in order to improve their quality of both private and working life. In our country, there are more and more companies that decide to invest actively and continuously in this area, and the outcome is positive. With the aim of increasingly focussing on the human capital, increasing the individual well-being of workers, their involvement and sense of belonging to the company, Gruppo Mastrotto has developed an articulated structure of welfare initiatives and corporate social responsibility measures that constitute the People, Next Level project.


People, Next Leveldefines and summarises all the initiatives conceived and implemented by the Group to prioritise its human capital: services and benefits for the employees ranging from shopping or fuel vouchers to free vaccination campaigns; from the company canteen to scholarships for employees’ children; from thematic workshops aimed at personal empowerment to a subsidy for education expenses; from assistance to children, the elderly and the non self-sufficient up to promoting culture, health, well-being and even entertainment.


These measures also include the most recent project for the social and employment inclusion dedicated to disabled people of working age, with particular focus to the Down syndrome. As a result, four new collaborators were hired in a stable and continuous way and a real production department for the assembly of a leather sample book was created. Our ultimate objective: to create a department with a level of productivity that is capable of making it sustainable over time.

“We are very proud to receive this recognition that confirms our focus on people, a fundamental asset for the growth of our Group”, said Chiara Mastrotto, the President of the Group. “Over the last few years, we have systematised, strengthened and diversified all the measures dedicated to our employees which were once identified by the motto ‘Gruppo Mastrotto values you’.The social and employment inclusion project for people with disabilities is also part of this framework, which testifies our precursory vision that our company has been developing for some time. As a company, we wanted to respond to the need of people with disabilities to enter the labour market in a stable and continuous way. Through the creation of a dedicated production department, we aim to offer tangible opportunities for job placement and social inclusion. We believe, in fact, that inclusion means integration, that sort of integration that allows people with disabilities to realise themselves humanly and professionally by interacting constructively with their colleagues and the company. This sort of integration has also benefited the rest of the employees, stimulating their sense of belonging and encouraging them to support their new colleagues, sharing values ​​and experiences with them”.

Gruppo Mastrotto People, next level