Gruppo Mastrotto presents its commitment to sustainability to the prestigious IÉSEG School of Management

The President Chiara Mastrotto illustrates to the students of the Master in Management of one of the most important French training institutes the path that led to the publication of the first sustainability report of the Group.

On the occasion of the Earth Day, our President Chiara Mastrotto and Dr. Guido Zilli, Sustainability Manager of the Group, spoke by videoconference in the Course held by Professor Simone De Colle in Sustainability Management and Reporting of the Master of the prestigious IÉSEG School of Management, to introduce students to the path that led the company to publish its first sustainability report a few months ago.

IÉSEG School of Management, founded in 1964 in Lille, is one of the most important French Business Schools and its Master is among the top 35 in the world in the 2021 ranking drawn up by the Financial Times. Today it has over 7,000 students spread over two campuses, one in Lille and the other in Paris.

In particular, the Course in Sustainability Management and Reporting held by Professor De Colle aims to analyze the different dimensions of sustainability, economic, social and environmental in relation to the strategic management of a company, showing how an approach on these issues is oriented to stakeholders can help create value for the company in a sustainable way.

Professor De Colle’s invitation to the President Chiara Mastrotto was born following the reading of our Sustainability Report, in which the attention to these three dimensions of sustainability is very evident with the aim of illustrating to the Master’s students the actions that made it possible to achieve this important result.

“We have accepted with great pleasure the invitation of Professor De Colle, whom I thank, – commented Chiara Mastrotto – because we are convinced that an open dialogue with the new generations is necessary, and above all with those who will be the managers of tomorrow, on these themes that are now fundamental for everyone, even more so for those who do business. The fact that our sustainability report has become the object of study and ideas for improvement by international students of such a prestigious school can only be a reason for satisfaction and stimulus for us to follow our Sustainability roadmap with determination.