Gruppo Mastrotto @ Lineapelle London | January 22, 2019

On January 22nd, Gruppo Mastrotto will take part in the important appointment of Lineapelle London, to be held in the prestigious and original location of the Ham Yard Hotel.

Located at Windmill Hall at booth 8, Gruppo Mastrotto will present the new Spring Summer 2020 collection: classic, smooth and grain leathers will be available, together with laminated and innovative prints characterized by many trendy colors. The aim is to satisfy the needs of stylists and designers with always innovative and interesting solutions.

Thanks to Gruppo Mastrotto Express every single buyer can enjoy an easy and fast service, ‘Easy, just in time’, which in 48 hours allows to order from all over the world, even in small quantities, choosing from a selection of more than 1.250 colors.