Gruppo Mastrotto awards 13 scholarships to as many deserving students selected from the children of its employees

The fifth edition of the venture, launched by the Arzignano tanning Group in 2017, aimed at rewarding boys and girls who have particularly distinguished themselves through scholastic commitment and dedication.

Thirteen scholarships for academic merit were awarded by Gruppo Mastrotto to the children of some employees, young and promising students belonging to the last three years of High Schools and the first of University, who during the 2021-2022 school year have distinguished themselves for their achievements.

The initiative, which began in 2017 and has been repeated annually to date, is part of the “People, Next Level” corporate welfare project, which focuses on people and their professionalism, confirming how corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now a real asset for the Group.

For some time, in fact, the company has been on a sustainability path, renamed Sustainability Journey, aimed not only at achieving objectives in the economic and environmental spheres, but also in the social sphere, as evidenced by the recent achievement of the DNA – Difference in Addition award assigned to the Group for its social and work inclusion project. The awarding of scholarships to the children of particularly deserving employees, therefore, confirms Gruppo Mastrotto’s desire to put people at the center, also investing in the new generations.

Through an announcement and a selection process that led to the identification of the most deserving students, Chiara Tommasi, a first-year student in Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performing Arts at the University in Bologna, was thus awarded a scholarship. Four, on the other hand, in the final year of High Schools: Giacomo Marcolin, from the Technical Industrial Institute “A. Rossi,” address Electronics and Electromechanics; Loris Tasson from the State Agricultural Technical Institute “A. Trentin”; Kaur Samreet, from the Technical Institute “M.O. Luciano Dal Cero,” address Administration, Finance and Marketing; Nina Cupac, from the Technical Commercial Institute “Piovene,” address International Relations for Marketing. Four awardees among the fourth-year High School students: Giulio Meneguzzo, from the “Silvio Ceccato” Higher Education Institute; Esther Parker, from the “Tron” Scientific High School; Sofia Leorato from the “Guarino Veronese” Scientific High School and Jenni Trevisan from the “Galileo Galilei” Technical, Technological, Economic Institute. There were also four third-year students from the High Schools: Damiano Meneguzzo, from the “Silvio Ceccato” Higher Education Institute; Silvia Rossilli from the “G.B. Quadri” Scientific High School; Marta Conte from the “Leonardo da Vinci” High School and Elisabetta Pellizzari from the “A. Pigafetta” State Classical High School.

The Scholarships were presented last week to the award-winning students at a ceremony attended by Santo Mastrotto, founder of the company together with his brother Bruno, and Chiara Mastrotto, President of the Group.

“We are proud to recognize and reward the academic merit of our employees’ children,” comments Santo Mastrotto. – Today an adequate education is essential to be able to find one’s place in the world of work and to be able to grow and hold responsible roles tomorrow. This is why we have continued and will continue in a convincing manner to support those young people who demonstrate through their commitment and results that they have fully understood the importance and value of this path.”