Future Fashion Sustainability Manager to class on Sustainability at Gruppo Mastrotto

Our company was happy to welcome teachers and students of the course of Fashion Sustainability Management of ITS Cosmo in Valdagno (VI), to introduce them to the processes, characteristics, missions and values ​​of Gruppo Mastrotto.

The 24 students of the Course to become Fashion Sustainability Manager, accompanied by the Course Coordinator Prof. Giulio Nardon, by Mr. Nicola Maretto and by the professors Davide Trevisan and Serena Fornasa, were welcomed by Chiara Mastrotto, the President of our Group, and part of the company management to visit two of our productions plants.

A precious moment of discussion that allowed the students to get to know the production cycle of our Group, which for years has undertaken a path aimed at sustainability and continuous improvement of processes and products, with the aim of minimizing more and more the environmental impact of production and to use resources carefully, favoring the adoption of efficiency processes of the same and the use of renewable energy.

Sustainability has long been one of the main drivers of our development and is unique to our leathers, chosen by national and international brands in the Fashion sector, an area in which the role of the Fashion Sustainability Manager becomes indispensable for companies in the entire fashion chain. In fact, his contribution becomes important for designing and implementing corporate policies for fashion sector with a lower environmental impact and capable of promoting well-being and social balance.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability is a fundamental strategic asset for our industrial development – commented our President Chiara Mastrotto. Being able to open the doors of our reality to students is a wonderful opportunity to make them understand leather, which is a natural and organic product, and the tanning industry, which is one of the oldest examples of circular economy, since it ennobles a by-product of the food industry. In particular, we wanted to make our contribution in the training of those who will be tomorrow’s managers in a particularly complex and multifaceted sector like that of Fashion, in which a lot can and must still be done. These opportunities also allow us to transfer our experience and our passion to young people who study in our territory and who could one day contribute to developing it and making it better thanks to new skills and love for their work “.