Lineapelle2023: Gruppo Mastrotto presents its Sustainability Passport

Innovations include a new product certification and the new Spring-Summer 2024 collection, with glamorous creations mainly dedicated to the fashion business.

“To travel means to pick a destination, explore new horizons, and embrace new challenges. Traveling also means sharing: when you travel as a group, you grow together in a path of mutual encouragement that lets you improve day after day. This is also true for Gruppo Mastrotto – states Chiara Mastrotto, the corporate President – whose commitment to a more sustainable future is a journey – the Sustainability Journey – to share with its partners, clients, suppliers, and collaborators. You cannot travel without a passport: a document whose stamps are a witness of the path traveled and the place where we started from, which we use to embark on new journeys.”

Gruppo Mastrotto will offer a preview of its Sustainability Passport at the Lineapelle trade show, set to take place at Lineapelle 2023.

“It is a document that describes the Sustainability Journey – continues the President – we have begun several years ago and that let us achieve significant goals in time, such as scope 1 and 2 Carbon Neutrality by Gruppo Mastrotto Express – the greatest logistics hub in the world for off-the-shelf leather hides, with over 40 collections and 1500 colors available – and environmental certifications granting a formal recognition of the company’s effort towards sustainability by a third party. Another step in this journey is the patenting activity that gave life to “REVIVA”, an innovative material for the fashion sector designed to reuse scrap finished leather, thus completing the product’s circularity and giving value to the typical by-product of the tanning cycle. Social sustainability is also important and finds expression in corporate welfare organization and social-professional inclusion initiatives. Finally, the Passport is an invitation to all the fashion supply chain and our stakeholders to join us on this journey to sustainability, bearing in mind that only a serious and shared commitment by the entire supply chain can ensure sustainable development for future generations”.

That’s not all we have in store: Gruppo Mastrotto comes to the most prominent Italian event in the field with its new Spring-Summer 2024 collection that highlights leather in its quintessential form. The company returns to its origins by underlining the purity, naturalness, and softness of the material in terms of both design and colors.

As well as the “Core” collection with its classy and refined, linear and polished hides, the other face of the SS24 collection is embodied by the “Blending” hides, which present natural leather with precious glares of light in an elegant, lively, and glamorous combination.

Gruppo Mastrotto has also chosen Lineapelle to present its new leather and leatherware environmental certification by an independent and internationally renowned body: the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®.

Products bearing the OEKO-TEX® label guarantee a safe purchase for the health of people and the environment. The certifying body aims to provide a transparent report of corporate compliance with safety standards throughout the entire supply chain, from the brand to the retailer, to the end user.