Gruppo Mastrotto publishes its first sustainability report

Adhering to the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, strong drive to saving water and electricity sources, social cause, an ethical code of conduct for suppliers, important results in terms of product innovation and support to the territory: these are some of the elements that strongly emerged within our Report.

We have always developed our business looking at a corporate culture based on care for our clients, suppliers and to all executives, people and respect for the environment. Through the years, we have built our business with determination, considering as key environmental and social aspects, which are necessary for a sustainable development, through significant and aimed investments.

“Sustainability, next level” is indeed the manifesto of a fundamental value, whose main purpose is to give a solid contribution in order to build a better world for new generations.

Publishing our sustainability report has become for us the natural evolution of a journey that started many years ago.

Gruppo Mastrotto sustainability model

Our sustainability model has pointed out some specific priorities: the creation and distribution of value for stakeholders; the sustainable management of suppliers; the assessment of environmental impact of our products; ethics, and workplace safety; corporate welfare; social inclusion; the reduction of greenhouse gasses emission and a better management of water and electrical sources. Within this model, some specific actions have also been identified and activated, so that our Gruppo can become more and more sustainable.

“The global crisis caused by the pandemic has deeply scarred these last 2 years, it will affect us in the next future as well” asserts Chiara Mastrotto (President of Gruppo Mastrotto), “the crisis has forced us to think carefully, as a corporation, about what kind of development we want to pursue, highlighting how fundamental it is to turn to a new economy that is able to focus not only on revenue and profit, but first of all on people and the environment. The Gruppo Mastrotto will fondly carry on pursuing this goal, and we want to demonstrate this by publishing our sustainability report. We are indeed convinced that in order to achieve the ambitious UN 2030 goals, we all need everyone’s contribution, and the business world has to and can carry on this change”.