Gruppo Mastrotto for the Emergency Department of the Arzignano Hospital

The new latest generation Monitor-Defibrillator that we donated to the Emergency Department of the Arzignano Hospital was inaugurated today with a symbolic ribbon cutting. The ceremony was attended by the General Director of the Ulss 8 Berica Company, Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bonavina and Dr. Claudio Fossa, Director of the U.O.C. Emergency Department of Arzignano and Messrs. Santo and Renata Mastrotto representing the company.

We have always been active in supporting our territory through concrete initiatives aimed at local realities and associations and on the occasion of last Christmas we had chosen to support the Arzignano Hospital by donating this new equipment to the emergency room, an essential tool in the management of patients in emergency. – emergency in an intra-hospital environment and which can also be used in an ambulance.

The characteristics of handling and versatility make it, in fact, a unique tool in case of cardiac arrest and for monitoring patients who need immediate help. In support of the project we had, as usual, renounced any Christmas gifts by inviting our suppliers to convert them into a donation to the initiative. Today, with the entry into service of the new tool, the project can be said to be successfully completed.

The new Monitor-Defibrillator will help the Emergency Department team to guarantee the patient the best possible care during the management of cardio-pulmonary problems and in monitoring all those whose vital parameters must be continuously examined. This device also stands out for its versatility, which makes it a cutting-edge «multi-parametric» and «multi-functional» instrument, characterized by the most sophisticated technology, operational efficiency, relative ease of use, compactness and ease of use. portability, not only in the department but throughout the territory. In fact, in addition to constantly recording the vital parameters, it allows the patient in cardiac arrest the rapid delivery of an electric shock with the restoration of the cardio-circulatory functions, acting as a real «lifesaver».

“We are happy to be able to celebrate occasions like this, in which projects in support of our territory are realized – commented Santo Mastrotto, one of our founders with his brother Bruno – We will continue to promote initiatives of this type in the future. We are convinced that companies must have a role and a social responsibility and it is no coincidence that for years we have launched numerous initiatives aimed at making Gruppo Mastrotto increasingly sustainable from all points of view: not only environmental, but also social, trying to improve quality of life of our employees or, as in this case, helping and supporting the area where we were born and raised as a company and as people. Knowing that this new equipment will save many lives makes us proud to have been able to make our contribution ”.