Gruppo Mastrotto donates a vehicle equipped with a wheelchair platform to S.O.G.IT. Onlus

For the Christmas holidays, Gruppo Mastrotto has chosen once again to support the territory.

We have always actively supported its local territory with concrete initiatives aimed at local organisations and associations.


During the Christmas holidays in particular, we have chosen to support the voluntary association S.O.G.IT. Onlus, Agno-Chiampo section, by donating a vehicle equipped with a wheelchair platform that will be used mainly to transport sick and disabled people to medical visits at various health facilities. This vehicle is essential in order to ensure continuity for all requests from users to the association, including the elderly, people debilitated by illness, and children forced to undergo long-term therapies. In support of the project, Gruppo Mastrotto has also invited its suppliers not to give corporate gifts, preferring to give donations in favour of the association.


S.O.G.IT. Onlus – Soccorso dell’Ordine di San Giovanni in Italia – in the Agno-Chiampo section consists of about thirty volunteers who have been working throughout the Chiampo Valley to bring help to the needy since 2008. A new vehicle for transporting patients is an important aid to families who are increasingly asking for help to enable their loved ones to reach hospitals and get the treatment they need.


Our association – comments the President of S.O.G.I.T. Agno-Chiampo, Andrea Fracca – carries out a public service with its own means throughout the territory. Our activities are many and range from the transport of people with disabilities, the elderly and the sick to ambulance assistance at public events, for a total of over 700 annual services. I would like to thank Gruppo Mastrotto for this donation which confirms the company’s great attention to our area. This new trasnport will allow us to further implement our activities.


Other charitable initiatives undertaken by Gruppo Mastrotto include the donation of a state-of-the-art Monitor-Defibrillator to Arzignano Hospital, an essential piece of equipment in the management of emergency patients during local rescue operations; the creation of an isolation chamber for the Paediatric Oncohaematology Ward of San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza, in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Vicenza for Children and aimed at guaranteeing the care of children with cancer; the A. Mastrotto Recreational Centre for the Elderly of Arzignano, which now has over a thousand members, who use a 500 square metre space; the donation of a Mammotome Revolve to A.N.D.O.S Onlus, the National Association for Women of have had Breast Surgery; support for the Urology Department of Arzignano Hospital, through the purchase of equipment to perform minimally invasive laparoscopic oncological surgery; support for the San Bortolo Onlus Foundation to support Vicenza Hospital in the purchase of equipment for the protection of healthcare personnel and useful instruments for the treatment of patients suffering from COVID-19 and innovative software for the Neurology Department of Arzignano Hospital that can detect stroke symptoms in just two minutes.