Employment Inclusion Project

Gruppo Mastrotto presents the new Employment Inclusion Project, part of the program People, Next Level, that aims to put people more and more at the center, those “human resources” that represent for any company the first growth and development engine.

Gruppo Mastrotto People, next level

The initiative, started almost a year ago, foresees the realization of an actual production site for the assembly of leather sample sets designed to welcome and introduce stably working-age people with disability.

The project, strongly wanted by the company, promotes a real process of integration, work wise and socially, offering the possibility to workers with cognitive-relational disabilities to get involved and grow personally and professionally while promoting at the same time the values of hospitality, communication, valorization of diversity.

The inauguration of the production site and the presentation of the project took place in Arzignano, headquarter of the Gruppo, with a special testimonial, Nicole Orlando, Paralympic champion and ambassador for people with intellectual-relational disabilities, winner of eight gold medals worldwide.

With this project Gruppo Mastrotto wants to meet the need of people with disabilities to enter the labour market stably and offer, through a dedicated production site, concrete employment opportunities and social inclusion. At the same time, this initiative can be nothing but beneficial to the rest of the employees, because it’s through sharing experiences and values that people can grow.

Gruppo Mastrotto People, next level