Our commitment to the implementation of the social and work inclusion project received the award “Agenda 2020 – The crucial topics in the world of work” for making diversity an added value in the workplace.

Gruppo Mastrotto’s social and work inclusion project received the award “Agenda 2020. I temi chiave per il lavoro” (Agenda 2020. The crucial topics in the world of work) promoted by SHR Italia.

The awarding ceremony was held on 6 October during the event “Agenda 2030. Il lavoro cambia” (Agenda 2030. The world of work is changing), which took place at the Ragione Palace in Padua.

“Gruppo Mastrotto received the award ‘Agenda 2020. The crucial topics in the world of work’ for turning great values ​into a concrete work inclusion project that integrated diversity within the company, making it an active part in the workplace”. With this motivation, we received the award promoted by SHR Italia, a platform for strategic research and training, specialising in human resources and the world of work. A project that lasted an entire year involving the most distinguished Italian companies with meetings that intended to study the “innovation keynotes“. The aim was to set up a laboratory for sharing ideas, improving methodologies and supporting the future world of work. New opportunities for discussion with HR managers were created, to better understand how new developments are impacting this field and how the most innovative companies are responding to this change.

The award-winning project concerns work and social inclusion and is part of the broader programme “People, Next Level”, a strategy that we have implemented to enhance our human capital more and more, increasing the well-being of workers and their involvement in the company. Starting from a basic need, we have developed a project dedicated to disabled people of working age which resulted in the stable in-house employment of four new collaborators and the creation of a production department for the assembly of leather samples. This is how we have achieved the goal of creating a department with productivity standards defined by specific objectives which can also be sustainable over time.

We received the award because our activities stood out for being highly innovative and for spreading new principles based on labour and human rights as well as good practices in the field of diversity and inclusion. We were awarded the prize during the event “Agenda 2030. The world of work is changing” which took place on 6 October at the Ragione Palace in Padua. In this context, we have distinguished ourselves for the consideration we have always had for our workers and because we have always promoted the values ​​of inclusion, discussion and protection of diversity. We have started a job inclusion project that has allowed people with disabilities to realise themselves on a human and professional level, enabling them to interact constructively with the company and their colleagues. Such integration also benefited the rest of the employees. In fact, it stimulated their sense of belonging and encouraged them to support the new colleagues, sharing values ​​and experiences with them.