“Dalla pelle al cuore,” the first business novel by Gruppo Mastrotto

Published by Rizzoli, the business novel tells the story and the values of a company, but most of all of a family, that represents the leather standard of excellence in the world. 

Sixty short stories that revisit sixty years of history, family, passion, and courage: “Dalla pelle al cuore” is the first business novel by Gruppo Mastrotto, through which the company tells its story, shares its values and the most important milestones that made it the major tannery group in Europe. The book, published by Rizzoli and written by Alessandro Zaltron – the mastermind of the editorial format “Romanzi d’impresa” – features the important contributions of Sebastiano Zanolli, Manager and formator, for the introduction and Umberto Guidoni, Astrophysicist and Astronaut part of two NASA missions on the Space Shuttle, for the foreword.

Divided in sixty chapters equal to as many personal or professional experiences, the book wants to pay tribute to the founders of the Group – Bruno and Santo Mastrotto – reviewing the six cornerstone values, six as the decades of the Group’s existence, upon which the company built its identity: family, innovation, passion, courage, speed, and solidarity. 

The volume is published on the anniversary of the Group’s foundation, founded on August 17, 1958, when Bruno and Santo laid the groundwork for what, in a matter of a few decades, will become a benchmark worldwide in the leather industry. 

“Dalla pelle al cuore” was presented at the Mattarello theatre in Arzignano and in the evocative setting of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, with the participation of those that contributed to writing this novel and the readings of some excerpts by the actress Stefania Carlesso.

«It has not been easy to condense sixty years of history of the company in just over two hundred pages – says Chiara Mastrotto, President of the Group -. With this book we wanted to retrace the most important moments that marked our story, sharing the values that inspired the founders and that keep representing a guiding light for our company. “Dalla pelle al cuore” wants, therefore, to be an homage not just to them, Bruno and Santo, but also to Italian entrepreneurship that, thanks to its persistence, creativity, vision, and innovation, keep showcasing the excellence of the Made in Italy in the world.»