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Gruppo Mastrotto: leather experience, next level

Gruppo Mastrotto was established in 1958, when Santo and Bruno together with Arciso, their father, laid the foundations of a company that now employs more than 2,000 staff members throughout the world.
The Group consists of 15 plants worldwide. In Italy, 10 plants in the leather district of Arzignano (Vicenza) and 1 in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa); in the rest of the world the Group is present with 1 plant in Brazil, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in Tunisia and 1 in Mexico.

Commitment, creativity and professionalism made Gruppo Mastrotto a point of reference in the processing of bovine hides for the furniture, footwear, leather goods, automotive, marine, and aviation industry. The Group has stood out over time in all these sectors thanks to constant technological innovation and the capability to anticipate the new trends of style, applying its know-how to the specific requests of any single field of application.


Quality, research, innovation, technological development, attention to the safety of the employees and the environment are the goals that Gruppo Mastrotto has been pursuing every day. The quality management system, complying with international standard ISO 9001, and environmental certification ISO 14001 guarantee the professionalism and the social responsibility of the Group, key values in the everyday management and operation of the whole Group.

Respecting the environment: a corporate priority

Being an international player in the tanning industry involves great responsibilities towards customers, staff and the environment in general. Over the years the managers at Gruppo Mastrotto have made increasing investments to adopt solutions aimed at minimising the impact that hides treatment has on the environment and have promoted tangible initiatives with their partners and all their staff.

Such policy has led to implementing water-based finishing processes, and reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide with four 3,100 kW cogeneration plants – corresponding to the electric power of more than 1,000 apartments –, simultaneously producing combined heat and power. A totally electric-powered industrial loader – the first in the world – was planned and built to handle the hides: it is now available in all the production plants of the Group and is also testament to the attention directed to health protection at work.

Gruppo Mastrotto Enviroment

Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001, as well as environmental certification, complying with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, are proof of the concrete commitment that Gruppo Mastrotto has applied daily to its leather tanning activities.

Our locations



Specializing in the production of a wide range of bovine leathers for the footwear, furnishings, clothing and leather goods industries, Conceria Mastrotto was the first company founded in the Group, and it now has over sixty years proud experience behind it.

Tradition and Innovation in Tanning

Conceria Mastrotto is the first company founded by the Mastrotto family in 1958 and specialized in producing cow hides and split suede, pigmented and in polyurethane, for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furnishings. The best features of these products are resistance, elegance, softness as well as water-repellent effects and breathability.
Conceria is the home of the Group’s management offices and is the research and development center where the chemical and physical features of leathers are monitored and new style and design options are developed, creating innovative projects and the latest leather trends.

Fields of application:
Footwear, leather goods, furnishings and clothing

Type of production:
Full Grain, Nubuck, Spilt Suede, Refined Split, Water-repellent Split, Bay Cast


36071 Arzignano(Vicenza) – Italia
Zona Industriale – Quarta Strada, 7
tel. +39.0444.621200
fax +39.0444.621201



The Elegance of Leather

Mastrotto Italia is a strong and vibrant company, which has managed to take a leading global role by manufacturing bovine hides for the furniture, clothing, leather goods, and automotive aftermarket industry. Versatility, softness and resistance are essential features common to all the collections. These are offered in a range of extremely elegant colours. The great flexibility of Mastrotto Italia guarantees creativity, high customisation and, of course, top quality.

Mastrotech, among the wide range of products of the unit, always means quality: leather is certified natural, water repellent, anti-static, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Very pleasant to feel and touch.

Fields of application:
Furniture, clothing, leatherwear and automotive aftermarket

Type of production:
Full Grain, Half Grain, Nubuck


36071 Arzignano (Vicenza) – Italia
Zona Industriale – Quinta Strada, 43
tel. +39.0444.621300 r.a.
fax +39.0444.621301
fax +39.0444.621302 SALES



Great ideas, successful products

Tecnoconciaria Italia is a well-known producer of high-quality bovine leathers for furniture, contract manufacturing, ships and aviation. The care that the division dedicates to each customer is built into the entire production process, and in particular the choice of raw materials, to ensure that customer needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Tecnoconciaria Italia’s headline objective is to meet customer expectations through teamwork and a constant commitment to developing new offerings. We know that great ideas lead to real solutions, in the form of highly natural products that are a delight to the touch, products that our customers can rely on.

Fields of application:
Furniture, contract manufacturing, ships and aviation

Type of production:
Full Grain, Nubuck


36071 Arzignano (Vicenza) – Italia
Zona Industriale – Terza Strada, 15
tel. +39.0444.621400
fax +39.0444.621401 SALES


When time is a key factor

Linea Pelle is an important productive reality for the Gruppo Mastrotto. It is organised to be flexible and quickly meet market needs.
Technology and organisation: that’s the recipe that marries the upmost professionalism with an efficient service for customers worldwide.


36071 Arzignano (Vicenza) – Italia
Zona Industriale – Seconda Strada, 115
tel. +39.0444.621800 r.a.
fax +39.0444.621801 SALES


Experience and Continuous Improvement

Elle-pi has a dynamic and flexible work team that focuses on the highest service and quality. The protagonist is innovation, which comes alive during the productive processes that maximise efficiency and industrial capacity. The division is continually working to improve quality standards and satisfy customers.

Fields of application:
Footwear and leather goods

Type of production:
Grain and split


36071 Arzignano (Vicenza) – Italia
Zona Industriale – via della Concia, 156
tel. +39.0444.621500 r.a.
fax +39.0444.621501 SALES



Destined for the best brands

Among the top modern tanneries in Arzignano, Duma is specialised in cow hide production for furniture, contract manufacturing, hospitality, ships, automotive aftermarket and leather goods.
Quality and creativity make its leather products, already present in hotel lobbies and airports, stand out: products that continue to conquer continually more exclusive sectors.
Attention to trends and design, skill and awareness typify the items that are perfectly suited to various needs and applications.

Fields of application:
Furniture, contract manufacturing, hospitality, ships, automotive aftermarket and leather goods

Type of production:
Full Grain, Half Grain, Nubuck


36071 Arzignano (Vicenza) – Italia
Zona Industriale – via della tecnica, 78
tel. +39.0444.621600 r.a.
fax +39.0444.621602 SALES



Leather solutions: emotion in motion

Mastrotto Italia Automotive produces superior quality leathers for car interiors, working to the specifications of the main world motor manufacturers.
The wide product range includes leathers for seats, dashboards, door panels, headrests, armrests, gear-lever knobs, handbrakes, steering wheels and accessories in various types of leather, from full grain to split, with and without chromium.
Mastrotto Italia Automotive takes advantage of the skills available across the Group in terms of know-how, innovation and production capacity, offering a highly specialised professional service to its customers.
It also provides leather-cutting, skiving, lamination, perforation, printing and other special services, using innovative, latest-generation machinery and technologies.

Fields of application:
Automotive oem and tier 1

Type of production:
Leathers tanned with and without chromium, Traditional split, Induction split, Perforated leather, Semi-aniline, Full grain, Printed leather, Buffed leather, Splits; Special articles: cool-system, conditioned, dirt-resistant and perforated leathers


36072 Chiampo (Vicenza) – Italia
Via Arzignano, 48
tel. +39.0444.621100
fax +39.0444.621172