The Gruppo Mastrotto celebrates its 65th anniversary by opening its doors to employees and their families.

Last Saturday, we shared this significant milestone with our staff members. The initiative is part of the Sustainability Journey, a journey towards ever greater environmental, economic, and social sustainability in which our company has been engaged for years on several fronts.

An Open Day dedicated to employees and their families. With this all-day initiative, last Saturday we, as Gruppo Mastrotto, a global leader in the tanning industry, celebrated our 65th anniversary.

A day to share and to thank all staff members for their commitment every day in the company and to allow their families to visit the place where their loved ones spend a most of their days.

The event lasted the whole day, from morning to mid-afternoon, and was attended by the Mayors of Arzignano and Chiampo. The over 700 participants were welcomed by the president of the Gruppo, Chiara Mastrotto, the founders Bruno and Santo Mastrotto and the entire Board of Directors.

“It is a real pleasure to welcome you here today”, said Chiara Mastrotto in her welcome speech, “to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of our company. Indeed, so many years have passed since Bruno and Santo Mastrotto decided to make their dream come true: creating from scratch a company that would stand at the forefront of the tanning industry. Today we can say that this dream has come true: we are a global leader, exporting our products to 110 countries and dominating all leather application markets. The world’s major brands acknowledge the value and quality of our products. All this has been possible thanks to you, who have made the values on which this company is based your own: courage, commitment, passion, respect and responsibility towards what surrounds us, helping us to become a leader in the international tanning industry.”

“We have been lucky enough to have worked side by side, throughout all these years, to people who have given so much and who, together with our family, have built a healthy, strong company,” added Santo Mastrotto. “One of the next challenges is to make the tannery and the leathers we produce increasingly environmentally friendly. My passion has always been the technical aspects of leather tanning, and I hope that all technicians at Gruppo Mastrotto will continue to work with enthusiasm to achieve this.”

During the Open day, participants were able to visit the different areas of the company: production, the offices and the Research and Development laboratories, where more than 100,000 tests are conducted each year and where innovative technologies are experimented which, often through patenting, become cutting-edge solutions that can anticipate and satisfy the trends of an increasingly changing and demanding market. Furthermore, the little ones had the opportunity to take part in a leather workshop and draw a picture of the company, and then enjoy street food specially prepared for the occasion.

“A family business that has been able to grow, a successful generational change that has made the Gruppo Mastrotto Spa an excellent company, a global leader in the leather industry,” said the Mayor of Arzignano, Alessia Bevilacqua. “There are people behind every success, the founders and owners, the families, and the devotion of all past and present employees. We applaud this entrepreneurial culture of integrity, innovation and social responsibility.”

“An important milestone achieved by the Mastrotto family, who with commitment, sacrifice and dedication over the years have succeeded in creating a leading company in the tanning sector, recognised at an international level,” Added the Mayor of Chiampo, Filippo Negro. “Two generational changes have successfully succeeded one another at the top of the company, which has contributed to the economic well-being of our territory thanks to the thousands of employees who have worked there for 65 years. A heartfelt tribute to the great attention that the Mastrotto family dedicate to social and environmental issues in our Valle del Chiampo”.

This initiative is not however an isolated event but is part of our Group’s Sustainability Journey towards environmental, economic, and social sustainability, which considers organisational wellbeing as one of the keystones for a company’s competitiveness and for sustainable development that complies with the ethical values underlying a healthy and construction work relationship. This approach also includes the extensive welfare system developed over the years by the company, to which 90% of employees have adhered.